How Much Do Electricians Make a Year? – Best 2022 Comprehensive Research

  • By: Anwar
  • Date: October 30, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.
how much do electricians make a year

If are contemplating working as an Electrician or doing a study about their income, then it would interest you to know how much do electricians make a year?

Although not enough information is available on the internet, I have done comprehensive research to give you a clear idea about the income of a professional in this domain.

In the coming sections, you will get detailed information about the hourly, weekly, and yearly income of an electrician.

On average, an Electrician in the United States of America makes USD 50,000 which is about USD 970 per week or USD 24 per hour.

These details are as per the data from

However, the income or pay-rate of an electrician varies on multiple factors like experience, location, qualification, etc.

In the coming sub-section, I have cited clear details about how much do electricians make a year with respect to the above-mentioned factors.

Read ahead to get a better understanding.

Average Hourly Rate Calculation

how much do electricians make a year

Well, I have answered already how much do electricians make in a year on an average but wouldn’t you want to know the exact statistics.

The average results are based on calculation from across various experience levels, different states, different qualifications, etc.

This figure also includes the hourly rates from places where you will find a higher cost of living and a lower cost of living.

To have a better understanding let me first show you how much do electricians make a year state-wise

State Wise Results

how much do electricians make a year

Here you can see the state-wise hourly income for electricians. These details are taken from

It is important to note that these details include the highest paying and the lowest paying states.

This data can prove to be helpful for both – the job seekers and the employers as you would now know easily how much do electricians make a year in these states.

If you are looking for a job, then you can easily use this data to make a wise choice for your career and select a state where you can get better pay.

Alternatively, if you are an employer, then you can easily determine the fair pay for your electrician employees.

Range of Salary

Another interesting way to analyze the data is by checking the range of salaries offered to the electricians.

You already know how much do electricians make a year on an average.

This includes the highest and the lowest pay for them. You can easily get an idea about how broad the scale of pay is for these electricians.

In the United States of America, the range of hourly pay for the electricians is from USD 10.04 per hour to USD 48.72 per hour. The average salary of electricians is derived by using both these figures.

Once again if you want to know the state-wise results, I have presented the same as below and have explained in detail about it.

State Wise Results

The range of salaries would differ in each state. Once again the average is an indicative number derived by checking the highest and lowest salaries offered in these states.

The below data would depict the highest and lowest salaries offered, state-wise.

how much do electricians make a year

Now you can easily see that many states maintain the national minimum wage standard of USD 7.25 per hour.

The highest salary offered to electrician goes to as high as USD 66.60 in Wyoming.

Isn’t it interesting to know how much do electricians make a year on an average along with the range of salary?

Year of ExperienceAverage Hourly Rate
Less than 1 yearUSD 22.68
1 to 2 yearsUSD 22.62
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 yearsUSD 26.33
More than 10 yearsUSD 27.99

You can see that people who have worked for more than 10 years in this field are paid higher compared to others.

For those of you who have already been working as an electrician can use this data to determine the reasonable salary rise based on the years of experience worked.

Salaries as Per Experience

The salary of electricians is also dependent on the number of years they have worked in this field.

Their experience determines their pay-scale. I have tabulated the information that will help you understand how much do electricians make a year based on the years of experience.

Highest Paying Cities in the United States of America

I know you are still wondering, what about the city wise data?

I have even included the data and chart which shows how much do electricians make a year city-wise.

However, I have just used the highest paying cities in the United States of America for convenience.

Let me explain. The range of pay in each city is different and depends on the opportunity and requirement.

Ideally, cities that have big roles to offer to electricians give out more pay compared to others.

Moreover, as an electrician, it is important that you not only compare your income with the national-average but also with the city-wise pay-scale.

City, StateAverage Hourly Rate
Birmingham, AL$21.87
Prudhoe Bay, AK$30.78
Phoenix, AZ$23.39
Jonesboro, AR$29.18
San Francisco, CA$34.75
Colorado Springs, CO$27.73
New Haven, CT$35.67
Wilmington, DE$26.33
Jacksonville, FL$21.14
Augusta, GA$23.72
Honolulu, HI$28.55
Boise, ID$23.77
Decatur, IL$28.18
South Bend, IN$32.17
Davenport, IA$25.79
Kansas City, KS$26.1
Lexington, KY$23.00
Houma, LA$25.98
Portland, ME$25.34
Gaithersburg, MD$26.41
Springfield, MA$41.69
Detroit, MI$25.51
Saint Paul, MN$31.63
Jackson, MS$24.31
Springfield, MO$23.35
Billings, MT$34.42
Fremont, NE$31.70
Reno, NV$31.41
Manchester, NH$28.67
Edison, NJ$31.90
Carlsbad, NM$26.32
New York, NY$27.09
Fayetteville, NC$29.78
Williston, ND$34.47
Dayton, OH$21.22
Enid, OK$24.74
Portland, OR$33.53
Philadelphia, PA$23.62
Providence, RI$35.39
North Charleston, SC$23.41
Rapid City, SD$32.86
Memphis, TN$24.29
Austin, TX$22.74
Salt Lake City, UT$23.61
Richmond, VA$22.38
Seattle, WA$36.73
Charleston, WV$36.19
Menasha, WI$26.53
Cheyenne, WY$32.57

Best Paid Skills and Qualifications

It is important that you consider checking out the various skills and qualifications that can get you better pay.

Now, I understand that this can only be possible by comparing the past data of qualifications and skills of Electricians, that were offered higher salaries compared to others.

As per the data by electricians who have skills or qualifications with high voltage get paid better.

On average, experts in this field are paid 27.57% more than the average base salary. But wait, there is more.

Do you want to know how much do electricians make a year who work in calibration?

These experts are paid 59.78% more than the average base salary. If you have skills in calibration, then probably you would be paid more than any other electrician in the United States of America.

Here is a further interesting figure for you – the electricians having expertise in air-brakes earn 20.04% more than the average base salary.

Here is a small tabular representation to give you a better idea of how much do electricians make a year comparatively if they have these skills.

Air Brake+20.04%
High Voltage+27.57%
Low Voltage+18.81%
Program Logic Controllers+6.93%

How much various types of electricians make a year – A classification

Whether you are an electrician, an employer, or someone considering a career in this field, you would know that electricians have different specializations.

I know that you are keen to know how much do electricians make a year as per their specializations?

Therefore, I have tabulated the data to show you the average income of a few types of electricians.

ProfessionPer Hour Salary
Commercial ElectricianUSD 22.58
Maintenance ElectricianUSD 24.18
Electrical TechnicianUSD 23.46
Industrial ElectricianUSD 25.30
Electrical ForemanUSD 29.89
Electrical AssistantUSD 16.12


I need to clarify that the above data represents the averages and does not give a clear idea about the industry.

However, as explained earlier, this write-up was structured to give you a clear idea about how much do electricians make in a year?

I can conclusively tell that on average an electrician makes USD 50000 per year.

The best thing about this analysis is that you can easily contemplate making a career in this profession since the demand for electricians is on the rise and a skillful electrician can make a good living in this field.

You can also use this data to compare with your own salary and understand what type of pay-rise can you expect.

Whereas, employers can use this above information to determine the reason for their workforce.