Hi there, I’m Anwar,

I started writing on tool bags and tool belts because there was a growing need for someone to guide people about tools, toolboxes, and toolkits that are best in the business.

And one way to find that out was to review them.

I love tool and so, I started my journey of exploring different types of toolboxes and toolkits to DIY-ers about how to use these tools.

Research is my passion and I am using it to dig out information about all these wonderful tools so that you can select the best ones for your ingenious requirements.

Now, let me tell you, tools are my passion. Whenever I am free I get into the garage (which I have converted into my private workshop sort of!)

This is the place where I keep my hidden treasure (tools in tool chests and boxes) pun intended!

If you do not see me making a mess in the garage, the one place to find me at the local mechanical stores where I am trying to explore new things about the tools.

It is one place where I can explore different things about these electrical tools without getting fussy.

So, one day an idea stuck to me of writing review blogs. I wanted to utilize my knowledge collected while exploring these toolboxes.

This is when the Tool Listings came into the fore.

The wonderful aspect of this review blog site is you will find unlimited information about your favorite tools.

Even if you are not a big fan of DIY tools, once you read through the information provided in my blog, you will not be able to resist yourself trying these tools for your basic needs.

If you wish to know more about me or my website, you can contact me.