How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician – Step-By-Step Guide in 2022




How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician


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How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician?

In 2018, there were more than 700,000 electrician jobs in the U.S. and the opportunities may grow by 10% in the next 10 years.

Electricians install and maintain the electrical systems for homeowners, businesses, and factories.

They are an essential workforce as they provide a vital service people cannot live without.

These skilled professionals usually focus on commercial or residential electrical work.

Others specialize in working outdoors with electrical boxes and other outdoor power systems.

Respected in the communities in which they work, electricians can help residents prevent and properly respond to dangerous situations.

Step-By-Step Guide To Starting A Successful Career:

If you are considering pursuing a career as an electrician, you need to do your research.

How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician? I will Answer you in this article.

It is important to understand the salary, responsibilities, and education required. Read below for a step-by-step guide to starting a successful career:

1. How Much Do Electricians Make?

Because they possess in-demand skills, even entry-level electricians can expect to make a competitive wage.

In 2019, the median hourly wage in the U.S. was $27.01, or an annual salary of $56,180.

Wages increase as electricians gain more experience and expertise.

You can expect to earn the highest wages in New York, Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois, and the District of Columbia.

Wages are also typically higher for electricians who provide services to commercial clients.

Commercial jobs are more difficult and take longer, but the pay is higher.

2. How Hard Is It to Become an Electrician?

Like any other professional pursuit, starting a career as an electrician will take time and dedication.

You need to devote yourself to the profession if you plan to finish your apprenticeship and pass the licensure exam.

Becoming an electrician requires dexterity, flexibility, and a willingness to learn complex ideas.

However, most people find that learning the trade is fun and engaging.

You will receive lots of support throughout your training and your colleagues will likely be eager to help you learn new concepts.

Some electricians stand for long periods and can spend long stretches working outdoors.

Therefore, you will need a certain level of physical stamina to succeed in this physically demanding environment.

It is possible to become an electrician by staying focused throughout your training and studying for your licensing exam.

This field requires less formal education than other more technical fields.

Therefore, it is a good career choice for an individual without a college degree but is still interested in working in a rewarding field.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Become an Electrician?

The cost of becoming an electrician varies depending on location and the trade school you choose to attend before starting your apprenticeship.

Some schools offer extensive scholarships and financial aid options while others require students to pay for expenses out of pocket.

Completing trade school can cost between $3,000 and $20,000.

how hard is it to become an electrician

You also need to pay apprenticeship fees once you graduate from school, but the costs are usually low.

Expect to pay about $500 per year. If you can get hired by a company right out of school, your employer may cover your apprenticeship tuition.

Inquire about tuition reimbursement policies before accepting a position.

Some employers may also pay your loans after you finish your program.

4. Steps on How to Become an Electrician

In 2018, there were more than 700,000 electrician jobs in the U.S. and the opportunities may grow by 10% in the next 10 years.

Demand is even higher for professionals trained in alternate energy such as solar power.

If you wish to know more about How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician, continue reading this article to learn!

 Read the steps below to take advantage of this growing field:

5. Earn a High School Diploma For Electrician Jobs

How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician

A high school diploma is a requirement to become an electrician.

If you did not complete high school, you can earn a GED and still be eligible to pursue this career.

There are many options available for people interested in pursuing their GED, including online options and night courses.

If you are still a high school student, take certain classes to help you prepare for your future career.

Take courses such as physics, algebra, chemistry, geometry, and mechanical drawing.

Studying more now will put you ahead of the game once you start your apprenticeship.

Consider taking classes in business or entrepreneurship if you plan to open up your own shop in the future.

6. How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician – Attend a Trade School For Electrician Jobs

While attending a trade school is not required, some electricians begin by attending a program in basic electrical education or another related subject.

You can also choose to attend a community college and receive an associate’s degree in general education or an electrical-related subject.

If you graduate from an applicable program, you can often receive credit toward your apprenticeship program.

Trade school programs usually take a year to complete, while associate’s degrees take 18 months to two years to earn.

It may be easier to find a quality apprenticeship if you graduated from an applicable technical program.

7. Complete an Apprenticeship For Electrician Jobs


How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician – Completing an apprenticeship program is the most important step to becoming an electrician.

During this on-the-job training, you will receive technical instruction on the following subjects:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical theory
  • Safety standards
  • First aid practices

Some apprenticeships also offer specialized training in solar panels, alternative energy sources, and mechanical skills.

Choose a program that teaches the skills you plan to use in your future career.

Most apprenticeship programs take approximately four years to complete.

You must complete at least 2,000 hours of paid working hours and 144 hours of classroom technical instruction.

If you have military or construction experience, you qualify to receive credit toward your apprenticeship.

Finding an apprenticeship requires research and diligence.

Search online job boards and ask local electricians if they have any referrals.

Apprenticeships are also available through The National Electrical Contractors Association or The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

8. How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician – You Need to Obtain a License

Obtain a License

Most states require electricians to obtain and maintain a license to seek employment.

Requirements vary by state, but some require electricians to pass an exam.

Exams often test your knowledge of electrical theory and the National Electrical Code.

Contact your local licensing board to determine requirements.

If you plan to work in multiple areas, you need an active license for each state.

Check to see if you need to pass multiple exams or if you can take one test and forward the results to multiple states.

Once licensed, you may need to take a certain number of continuing education courses each year to maintain the license.

Continuing education classes help keep your skills fresh and provide training on technology advancements or new electrical techniques.

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