Are Leather Gloves Safe for Electrical Work? (Electrician Glove Advice)




leather gloves safe for electrical work


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leather gloves safe for electrical work

As an electrician, safety should always be your priority when working around hot or live consoles.

You need to ensure that you use proper protective equipment like safety gloves while working.

While there are varieties of safety gloves available in the market place, I will focus this article particularly on the important question – are leather gloves safe for electrical work?

Let me give a straightforward answer – Yes, leather gloves are safe for electrical work.

But honestly, you will not find a clear answer to this on the internet. You will have to reframe the question to get a straightforward answer.

Let me reframe it for you – are 100% leather gloves safe for electrical work?

Or should you use other gloves along with leather gloves for complete protection?

There are many leather gloves options from various brands available in the market place.

Why is that?

Understanding – Are Leather Gloves Safe for Electrical Work?

leather gloves safe for electrical work

Wouldn’t you want to know why many companies sell them as electrician gloves?

I am sure you do.

My article includes all the information and ‘need to know’ details about leather gloves.

I have drafted the comprehensive reasoning for my claim and also provided useful advice in the subsequent sections.

If your work involves getting in contact with electrical units then this article would be very informative for you as far as knowing whether leather gloves are safe for electrical work.

The write-up also contains details about the construction and applicability of leather gloves.

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The Current Scenario of Leather Glove Use

Working around electricity can be a risky errand and sometimes prove to be fatal if proper safety precautions are not taken.

There are many safety types of equipment available in the marketplace that can help you stay safe around electricity.

One of the most important safety equipment is leather gloves.

Many novice electricians wonder if leather gloves are safe for electrical work or not.

The fundamentals of electricity state, that one needs to use an insulating material when working around electricity so that they do not experience any electric shock.

Electrical Conductivity of Leather

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The electrical conductivity in the case of leather depends on various factors like the voltage, magnitude, distance between the points, moisture content, etc.

Now since I am discussing if leather gloves are safe for electrical work or not, I would insist that you focus on the ‘moisture content’ factor for now.

Leather in raw form can conduct electricity to some extent.

When I say raw form – I mean unprocessed and not dried completely.

Let me explain when the leather is not processed completely, a certain amount of moisture is retained in the leather.

This facilitates the passage of electricity through the leather.  

Therefore, using them around electricity can be hazardous.

Then why are they considered important safety equipment in electrician’s work?

Glove System explaining the importance of leather gloves

leather gloves safe for electrical work

When you hear about the safety electric gloves, it is in the context of two different but important components.

Insulating gloves and leather gloves.

Both are important when you work around electricity.

It is important that you peruse this section properly to understand why leather gloves are safe for electrical work.

  • When I say insulating glove, I mean gloves that can completely reject electricity and are bad conductors. A good example is rubber gloves which are important safety equipment in the electrician’s work.
  • Leather gloves are supposed to be used in addition or over the rubber-like insulating gloves. This ensures that you are completely protected from any possible damage. They are an important part of the safety equipment kit in electrician’s work and help to protect your rubber gloves from any damage.

Now, try to understand that when you work in a field that has the possibility of fatality, wouldn’t you want to take extra precautions?

Let me answer that for you. YES!

When electricians work around consoles carrying varying degrees of voltage or current, they need to ensure that there is no or minimal chance of an accident.

It is known that insulating gloves like rubber gloves provide complete protection from any electrical shock.

But wouldn’t you agree that these rubber gloves face wear and tear over a period of time?

Moreover, while you are working on the site, chances are, that these rubber gloves might tear from some sharp-edged tool.

This would expose your skin to electric flow and might lead to a shock.

That would be very dangerous.

Therefore, you should use another pair of gloves like a leather glove that can keep your insulating gloves protected.

These leather gloves must be of the same size as that of your insulating gloves.

This would ensure that there are no loose ends and also that your grip is perfect.

Besides, comfort and protection, leather gloves safe for electrical work.

This is one of the most important reasons why they are marketed as safety gloves for electricians.

So to answer your question again – are leather gloves safe for electrical work? I say, yes they are.

How to Buy Leather Gloves?

leather gloves safe for electrical work

I suggest when you are contemplating to buy safety gloves for electrician’s work, then always buy both pairs of gloves at the same time.

You will need an insulating glove like a rubber glove and a safety glove like the leather glove.

This would ensure that you are completely protected from any exposure to electricity while you work on your job-sites.

Words of Caution while using Leather Gloves near Electricity

However, there is no sure shot way to keep one 100% protected from electrical hazards.

This does not mean that we take this concern lightly.

I suggest that you become extra-cautious when working around electricity, especially when it comes to working near damp surfaces.

Here are some of the important safety precautions that I suggest you read carefully and follow to keep yourself protected.

  • Make use of all the safety equipment necessary for the job.
  • There are various types of safety gloves classified on the basis of the electrical voltage protection they provide. Make sure to select the one that is required for a particular project.
  • Leather gloves are safe for electrical work, ensure to keep them in good condition at all times.
  • Check for any moisture or wetness on your safety gloves. Using wet gloves would allow the passage of electricity which can be dangerous. If you find any moisture on your gloves, then dry them before using it on the site.
  • Always check your gloves before you start work. You need to check for holes, tear, or damage to the gloves. If you find them damaged, then replace them as they might be risky around electrical circuits.
  • Perform periodic tests of your safety gloves. Replace them if required.

Classification of Safety Gloves

Now that you have understood why are leather gloves safe for electrical work, let us quickly look at the various types of safety gloves.

The categorization of safety gloves is done based on voltage protection they offer.

I have listed the various types of safety gloves so that you can make the selection based on your requirement.

Please make sure that you study and understand the information given below.

When you work around electricity, you need to ensure that you select the proper type of safety gloves for your work.

Using the safety gear that is not fit for the job might prove to be hazardous.

Class 00

Maximum use voltage of 500 volts AC/proof tested to 2,500 volts AC and 10,000 volts DC

Class 0

Maximum use voltage of 1,000 volts AC/proof tested to 5,000 volts AC and 20,000 volts DC

Class 1

Maximum use voltage of 7,500 volts AC/proof tested to 10,000 volts AC and 40,000 volts DC

Class 2

Maximum use voltage of 17,000 volts AC/proof tested to 20,000 volts AC and 50,000 volts DC

Class 3

Maximum use voltage of 26,500 volts AC/proof tested to 30,000 volts AC and 60,000 volts DC

Class 4

Maximum use voltage of 36,000 volts AC/proof tested to 40,000 volts AC and 70,000 volts DC

Final Words

Safety should be a top priority when you work in hazardous sectors like electrical.

Numerous accidents take place on a daily basis on account of improper safety measures.

Most of the accidents occur on account of incomplete information or realization.

For example, many people would not be able to answer this question with a clear conviction – Are leather gloves safe for electrical work?

As mentioned earlier, you will not get too much information on the internet about this.

Moreover, whatever details are provided are ambiguous and do not answer the question clearly.

This is the basic reason why I choose to write on this topic.

You need to realize that using only 100% leather glove for safety against electricity is not a smart thing to do.

Leather gloves are safe for electrical work only when used over insulating gloves.

You will not be completely safe unless you have access to the right information.

In my article, I have covered and explained various aspects that answer to the question of why leather gloves are safe for electrical work and how you are supposed to make use of it.

This draft was focused on providing you with valuable information that would help you understand if leather gloves safe for electrical work.

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