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prescription safety glasses


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Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses

What Should You Look For In Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

Let’s say you’re looking to do some construction work or welding or even just a touch of DIY around the house.

All of these activities require the proper equipment, and that includes safety goggles.

Unfortunately, that can be a bit more awkward and difficult when it comes to those who require prescription glasses.

Prescription safety glasses have the unique challenge of having to do all of that while still letting you see properly.

Wearing these glasses won’t do much good if they don’t allow you to see properly.

This is one of the greatest challenges facing those with vision issues looking to do welding, woodworking, or similar work.

They cannot go without their glasses and work while just seeing a blur before them, but wearing those glasses underneath their work goggles can be awkward, and might not be safe.

So, what should you look for in Prescription Safety Glasses online?

Let’s take a look at that along with some pairs to keep your eyes peeled for when shopping for eyeglasses online.

What to Look for in Prescription Safety Glasses

First and foremost, safety glasses need to keep your eyes safe.

In this context, that means being strong enough to protect your eyes from the sparks, debris, and other potentially dangerous elements of your work that might go flying as a result of your project.

When you weld, sparks are just part of the process, and the same is true of wood chips and dust when you work with saws in woodworking.

These glasses thus need to completely close off your eyes from these potentially dangerous materials.

What’s more, they obviously need to be strong enough to stand up to these materials making contact with them.

Glasses that shatter or get scratched easily are obviously of no help.

Not only is this dangerous to your eyes, but it also means that you might then be stuck trying to see through those scratches, which could drastically limit your vision.

That’s why you’ll want to look for prescription safety glasses that manage to blend accuracy with strength.

They need to fit your prescription, fit your face, and fit the task for which you’ll be using them.

That being said, not all safety glasses are created equal.

There are several different types of safety glasses that you’ll want to evaluate, including:


This is a special kind of safety lens that is required to meet certain guidelines recognized by those who give out prescriptions. They are in compliance with Z87.1 regulations. As such, if you are looking for the most medically-sound safety glasses in terms of prescribing bodies, those glasses being ANSI-compliant is crucial. These lenses are also designed to help keep out hazardous materials such as chemicals, vapors, liquids, and other substances. Most industry-approved goggles will meet ANSI guidelines and the ANSI Z87.1 ordinances in particular.

Single Vision

These safety goggles provide a single prescription from one end of the lens to the other. They do not have multiple prescriptions the same way certain glasses have one set for general viewing and a more narrow, second lens (often with greater magnifying power) for help with things such as These lenses can help with a wide range of different conditions including astigmatism and nearsightedness as well as farsightedness.

Multifocal Lens:

As mentioned above, these are the types of glasses that have multiple lenses for different magnification and clarity purposes depending on your needs.


These lenses excel at reducing glare. This feature can be included in prescription as well as non-prescription glasses. If you suffer from light sensitivity, these glasses can be extremely helpful. In addition, polarized glasses provide general protection against UV rays.


As you can probably guess from the name, these glasses offer three focal points in a single lens. This can potentially allow you to see things that are close, at midrange, and far away all at once.

Anti-Reflective and Scratch-Resistant

Both of these types of coatings can also help reduce glare, especially halos of light, which may appear when driving at night. In addition, these coatings also add an extra layer of protection against scratches and smudges. Further, it can repel dust and water, helping keep your glasses cleaner for longer. Many prescription glasses used for reading and daily life feature some variant of this coating by now, but they are also increasingly available with prescription safety glasses. The best examples of these glasses can also be extremely effective at blocking UV rays, with the top models able to block out 98% or more.

Best Prescription Safety Glasses

With all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at seven of the best choices for safety glasses on the market today.

#1 Elvex RX-500C 2.0 Diopter Safety Glasses

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One of the most frustrating things about some pairs of safety glasses is when they are cumbersome to wear and you are thus constantly “reminded” of the fact you’re wearing glasses.

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The Best Prescription Safety Glasses for you! – Our Winner after 35+ Hours of Research.

First up we have this option from Elvex.

There is a lot to like with these models, starting with the fact that they fit over your eyes and nose just as easily as a regular pair of glasses.

One of the most frustrating things about some pairs of safety glasses is when they are cumbersome to wear and you are thus constantly “reminded” of the fact you’re wearing glasses.

The best glasses, be they for construction work or anything else, are those that allow you to work without you ever feeling like you’re wearing them, and these options from Elvex do just that.

In addition, they are able to retain that sense of everyday comfort while offering heavy-duty protection.

While the frame is lightweight, neither it nor the lenses crack or break easily.

In fact, they are so strong that they have been tested as being able to withstand the force of ballistic impact, so you can use them when working with heavy machinery where similar impacts are a real concern and not flinch.

The lenses themselves are clear and do a good job of eliminating potential eye strain.

If there is any downside to these glasses, it’s that after all that heavy usage, the lenses can start to become detached.

Even so, that tends to be a more long-term problem, so for the short to middle-term at least, this is a very effective pair. Grab your pair from Elvex here on

#2 DeWalt DPG59-115C Protective Safety Glasses

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One of the most frustrating things about some pairs of safety glasses is when they are cumbersome to wear and you are thus constantly “reminded” of the fact you’re wearing glasses.

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My Second Recommendation of Prescription Safety Glasses for you!

One of the biggest names in the construction and DIY industry, DeWalt is an industry titan, and a name you can trust.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see that they have thrown their hat into the ring in the safety glasses market.

DeWalt has an excellent safety record, so you can trust them as far as durability, and the actual “safety” of these glasses is concerned.

In addition, it does a great job of offering UV protection.

That’s not unexpected, but rather a testament to just how well DeWalt does when it comes to providing its users with products that are of high-quality and are thus safe to use.

DeWalt’s glasses offer fantastic wraparound coverage, making sure your eyes are protected from every possible angle.

The lenses themselves are distortion-free, which is definitely good if you’re working on a project that requires you to have pinpoint accuracy as far as your vision is concerned.

They are incredibly ergonomic, meaning these are just glasses that feel “good” to wear. You never have to worry about them pinching or slipping down the bridge of your nose.

That “feel-good” feeling extends to your eyes themselves, as these glasses do a good job of relieving eye fatigue.

If there is anything not to like about these glasses it’s the fact that their protective sleeve can feel a bit tight, but better too tight than too loose.

Either way, these are easily among the best eyeglasses online for work and safety purposes.

Everything Else I Recommended For You of Prescription Safety Glasses

#3 PRG-206YB Prescription Safety Glasses

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Chances are you aren’t shopping for safety glasses with style in mind.

In the balance between form and function, safety glasses skew decidedly toward the latter on average – but then, these are not your average safety glasses.

On the contrary, these offerings from PRG are the rare glasses that allow you to protect your eyes and look good while doing so.

They are quite sleek and stylish, which is something that helps set them apart.

What’s more, these glasses are relatively lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy or a burden.

The material on the inside of the earpiece is textured so as to provide a soft fit, allowing them to be worn for hours without you feeling the strain.

Unfortunately, these glasses can start to show a bit of strain themselves, as they’re a bit more susceptible to scratches than options such as the Elvex or DeWalt.

Still, they’re comfortable, stylish, and can allow you to do light work without encumbering you.

#4 NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

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Andrew Lloyd Weber may have given the world “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” but there’s nothing to cry about with these glasses, either.

One of the things that helps these rank among the best safety eyeglasses online is the fact that they wrap around with side protectors, meaning they fit your eyes much more like safety goggles than mere glasses.

That means that if you do have to wear prescription eyewear, it isn’t just the sides of your face but your glasses that receive added protection. These glasses also provide a very clear field of view free of distortion.

While these glasses are comfortable enough, they can also slip down your nose easier than some of the other options on this list.

Still, for all-around protection and distortion-free clarity, it’s a “crying shame” these glasses don’t get more attention.

#5 Pyramex Safety Emerge Safety Glasses

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This is another option that boasts a reasonably stylish look.

Even more importantly, that style comes in part from the well-molded lens, which are in fact dual lenses, allowing you to view different magnifications.

This makes these glasses a lot more versatile, allowing you to use them for different purposes. They are especially well-suited for work and sports purposes.

What’s more, all that style and versatility doesn’t come at the cost of comfort or performance, as these lenses are also scratch-resistant.

That said, they can produce a few distortions from time to time.

Even so, these are by far among the most versatile safety eyeglasses online.

#6 3M Nuvo Reader Protective Glasses

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These glasses have ANSI approval, and you’ve already seen how important that is.

The magnification is among the best on this list, so if you are looking to do work that requires intricate attention to detail or for you to read the small print, these glasses may be a great choice.

These glasses do a good job of providing wrap-around coverage and safety.

In addition, they are comfortable to wear, including nice cushions for the bridge of your nose.

They do a good job of staying in place no matter what job you’re performing, and their scratch-resistant nature makes them pretty durable.

They’re relatively straightforward and no-frills, which means they’re lacking in style, but if you’re all business yourself, you likely won’t care compared to the coverage they provide. You can check the Price form

#7 Oakley Grey Industrial Det Cord

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They’re one of the biggest names in glasses online for everyday wear, but how does Oakley fair with safety glasses?

Pretty good, it turns out.

For one thing, their black matte frames are pretty stylish, and these are another example of versatile glasses that can withstand ballistic impact.

They also have an anti-fog coating, which can help you see in murkier conditions.

These glasses are a bit more difficult to clean when compared with some of these options on this list.

Even so, with their strength, style, clarity, and of course the Oakley name, there’s a lot to like here.

Of course, which of these options you like best will likely depend on which features the best match your needs, and thankfully there’s a pair for every occasion.

Simply take the time to examine this list, find the options that best suit your work or lifestyle, and “see” what they can do for you.

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